The Geomorph Documentation

The Geomorph documentation is still partial. I suggest that you also read the FAQ and the News.



Getting started

The Preview Dialog (2003-11)

The Toolbox, a Quick Index (2005-08, updated 2007-01)

The Crack Network Tool (New! 2007-01)


Using a Geomorph Height Field as a Normal Map (New! 2007-01)

Using Povray from Geomorph (2005-08)

Index of predefined Povray scripts provided with Geomorph (2007-02)
Anatomy of a Povray file
Texturing a Geomorph Height Field with Povray
The Skyline Challenge

Introduction to the Fourier Explorer (2008-04)

The Option File of Geomorph: geomorphrc (2008-08)

The tutorials and HOW-TOs

Each Geomorph version brings some small changes in the Povray files and in the default parameter values of the dialogs. Maybe you won't be able to get exactly the same results, even if you follow the steps. It's up to you to adapt the techniques shown to the new versions. The basic principles generally do not change.

"Desert" (2003-11-16)
"Sea and Moon" (2003-11-16)
How to create faults (2004-05-07)
How to draw cracks and fissures (2004-10-30) Tutoriel fissures et crevasses
Using water maps

How to create rivers on an eroded terrain (2007-01)

Using water maps

How to create irrigated terraces (2007-01)
Tutoriel fissures et crevasses
Using water maps

How to create a "Giant Causeway" landscape (2007-01)
Creation of an "egg box" with the "progressive sum of surfaces" (2008-04)

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