Geomorph - a height field editor for Linux

Release of update 0.62 (April 2016)
Release of update 0.60.1 (August 2012)
Release of version 0.60 (December the 20th, 2010)
Copyright infringement, a reminder
Release of version 0.50 (August the 1st, 2008)

Fixing a crash related to the continuous pen (March the 17th, 2007)
Release of version 0.40 (February the 21st, 2007)
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Welcome to the Geomorph site

The Geomorph site gathers all guides and tutorials written since the 0.11 release, in 2003.

If it's your first encounter with Geomorph, do not forget to read the introduction, which explains among other things how are generated the height fields.

See also the guides and tutorials list in the documentation index.

And last but not least, do not miss the gallery!

Release of update 0.62 (april 2016)

Update 0.62 of Geomorph fixes a few bugs, like an incomplete install of POV-Ray scripts, non closable document windows and a too dark OpenGL preview.

Compilation and use have been tested on Ubuntu 14.04, 15.04 and 16.04.

A good news : since 2014 Geomorph is integrated to Fedora, thanks to Didier Fabert. Merci Didier!

Release of update 0.60.1 (August 2012)

Update 0.60.1 to Geomorph fixes configuration scripts to allow compilation under recent systems like Ubuntu 12.04. With v. 0.60 of December 2010, libgtkglext makes the compilation stop.

I also added a precompiled 64-bit package. It has been tested under an Ubuntu 12.04 Live CD.

Geomorph 0.60.1 adds no feature and fixes no other bug. If Geomorph already works fine for you, you don't have to upgrade it.

When testing, I noticed that PovRAY is no more provided with Ubuntu 12.04. I don't know what happens for other distributions. I found no Ubuntu PPA repository for it (Personal Package Archive), as of August 2012. You can install PovRAY from the sources on, or use the previous packages as explained here for a 64-bit system, post #3.

PovRAY 3.6 under Ubuntu 12.04 and the Unity windows manager still displays translucent windows. The fix is the same as before: use Compiz, install the "Compiz Config Settings Manager", activate "Windows Rules", write class=Povray in "No ARGB visuals". Case is important for class=Povray! And yes, you can use the Compiz cube with Unity. It's unrelated to Geomorph, but it's cool.

If you have any problem, please contact me. Geomorph development has been suspended, but I want the software to continue to work with current distributions.

Thanks for your support
Patrice St-Gelais
August 2012

Release of version 0.60 (December the 20th, 2010)

Geomorph 0.60 provides a lot of fixes and improvements, particularly these ones:

There are 2 points that should be added in the FAQ :

I tested this version by creating two "splash screens", including the home page of this web site and the image displayed when choosing "Application and author" in the main menu. After these tests there are a few annoying things I was not able to fix:

I didn't update the documentation this time. I am too short on spare time.

That's all for now. I don't forget what I have written about future improvements. Also one user asked for import / export plugins. I have less spare time, but I hope to do some work to clean the code further and make Geomorph more friendly at the programming interface level.

Thanks for your interest in Geomorph.

Patrice St-Gelais

Québec City, December the 18th 2010.

Copyright infringement: a reminder

Huge parts of the page Anatomy of a Povray file for using Geomorph has been copied word for word by two college teachers from Romania, for a conference related to computer science.

The text in Word format can be found with Google. I found it by chance when searching for a fog tutorial with Pov-Ray.

The Geomorph site is published under a Creative Commons license, which allows free reuse and integration of any part of it for non commercial purposes, as long as one complies with the "attribution" clause, which means that the source should be mentioned.

Unfortunately the authors reused my text without any reference to the Geomorph site. Worst, nothing in the document says that Geomorph is a Linux program and where it can be found. Without that context, their document looks almost pointless.  And their paper contains a bibliography, listing research articles and web sites. Why doesn't it list also the Geomorph site?

Actually the Geomorph site extracts are so predominant that their 8-page paper would be reduced to 5 paragraphs without it, 2 in the introduction and 3 in the conclusion. This looks more like intellectual fraud than a technical error.

I asked the authors to modify their document or to remove it from any public repository. I received a message from one of them, making apologies and indicating they are willing to comply. On December the 19th 2010, the document is still publicly available.

My main recourse against this infringement is to publish the facts. This is what I am doing today and what I will repeat, maybe elsewhere, if required.

Release of version 0.50 (August the 1st, 2008)

I'm glad to announce version 0.50 . Besides fixing some bugs, it provides these improvements:

I also tried to improve the site by using CSS.

I sincerely thanks Simon Donike again who, in addition to translating the dialogs to german, found a lot of problems when testing the preliminary 0.50 version.

For the next versions, I hope to work on on import / export and scaling functions. There are required at the same time, because Geomorph only processes square images, with a power of 2 size. I would also like to add selection tools in the mask style and tools to help the landscape design process. There could also be a surprise, if I have enough spare time. And I will consider any suggestion which speaks to me!

Fixing a crash related to the continuous pen (March the 17th, 2007)

With version 0.40, trying to modify the size scale or the level scale in the continuous pen produces a crash (segmentation fault) on some systems. The bug was detected on an x64 system, but it can happen on any system.

Until a new version is launched, it can be fixed by replacing "draw_dialog.c" before compiling the 0.40 package with this file:

After downloading the file, open a console and copy it in your Geomorph source tree:

cp draw_dialog.c  ~/geomorph-0.40/src/hf/draw_dialog.c

Best thanks to Sanne for submitting the bug and testing my solutions!

The 0.40 version is here, finally! (February the 21st, 2007)

After more than one year, here is Geomorph 0.40, at last. It provides some important new features, a lot of small improvements and fixes, plus a richer documentation.

Here are the main new features:

The new crack network tool can be used to create "normal maps" which can be tiled infinitely

Geomorph is not a program which can be used as intuitively as a word processor. Tutorials and guides are generally required. This version provides some new or updated documentation:

New tutorials and new Povray scripts feature the use of "water maps".

Finally, a lot of fixes and improvements have been made, including many when preparing the tutorials. Here are some of them :

Messages and dialogs have been translated to German by Simon Donike, like for the most recent versions.

See you later, during the next year, I hope!


Contact:    Patrice St-Gelais