Predefined Povray scripts provided with Geomorph 0.40

Version 0.40 of Geomorph the following Povray scripts, which are copied into  the /home/.../geomorph directory when initializing Povray for a new user :

Related secondary height fields
Stratified brown-reddish ground, with grass on low slope areas and a water plane at low altitude for filling up the canyon bed.

Ground plane textured with the current height field, used as a "normal map" and infinitely repeated.

The main height field is used as a background, ground_map.png is used as the foreground.
ground_map.png: ground cracks provided by a secondary height field. It is not repeated, and being in the foreground where the details are more obvious, it's preferable to use a huge map.
The main height field is used a background, ground_map.png is a tiled "normal map" constituting the foreground. This script is actually the combination of cracknet_bumptest.pov a foreground.
ground_map.png: cracks on an infinite ground rendered with a tiled "normal map".

A desert where the main terrain is on the foreground (typically dunes, but it can be anything) and background_map.png makes up mountains in the background.
background_map.png:  mountains in the background.

A simple desert landscape, in which the current height field is located on an infinite gound plane with a wavy sand texture.
Un terrain de texture gris foncé légèrement moucheté, visan à imiter le basalte, avec une "carte des eaux" pour simuler les flaques au-dessus des colonnes de basalte.
hf_water.png:  la "carte des eaux"
A crackled ground plan intended to look like ice, a blue-gray height field, a starred sky and an Uranus-like planet with emphasized colours.

A sphere textured with the current height field, typically wearing craters.

A mountain landscape with a 4-component texture (forest - bushes - rock - snow) varying depending on altitude.

A mountain landscape with a 4-component texture, varying only with altitude. The forest becomes moist rock under the altitude defined by the Povray variable waterlevel, initialized at the beginning of the script. At install time, this variable is set à 10300 (on a 0 to 65535 scale). A "water map" is used to define one or more water planes, under the waterlevel value. hf_water.png:  the "water map".

A landscape intended to simulate the Painted Desert, in Arizona, with a stratified textures whose colours are sampled from an actual picture.

The height field appears on a water plane and has a stratified texture. The skyline is hidden by fog. A sandy ground shows up under the water. It should be used with an "island", in other words a height field whose edges have been lowered with a "shape filter".

Similar to sea_and_fog.pov, but with a texture simulating a granite reef.

A night landscape: the height field has a very simple rock texture. There are stars in the sky. A sphere textured with a secondary height field simulate a moon (craters.png - the technique is the same as the one used in moon.pov).
craters.png:  height field used as a "normal map" for simulating the moon relief.

The default Povray scene for Geomorph: a uniform texture, no water, no sky.

A backlit sunset, with a peach sun in the background, a ground plane and some ground fog.

A derivative of sunseta.pov, with a water plane.

The height field has a texture which varies depending on the slope: stratified rock when the slope is hight, simulated grass when it is low. A "water map" simulated puddles.
hf_water.png:  the "water map"

Written in January 2007

Contact:    Patrice St-Gelais

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